Wednesday, January 5, 2011

Fun Site

I found a great site tonight in my never ending search for fun cartoons and pictures of assholes doing assholish things.

Okay, they have very funny stuff on this site. The cartoons crack me up and you can use them and share them as long as you share the site address  and understand they support themselves with merch (cool lingo for merchandise). I am a firm believer in paying artist's for their work. Especially in this time of the Intraweb, itunes and all the ways to just copy stuff without paying for it (you know who you are you bit torrent people--only okay if the person who created is okay with you sharing it). You know I have my AMEX card number memorized which makes Internet shopping a breeze. I'm getting this shirt:

and only 17 bucks!


I do worry that my boobs will disfigure Anxiety Girl's face...

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